Try Thai Noodles @ Work

We are proud to announce the new Noodles@Work noodle bar on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Find Us Here

Try Thai Noodles @ Work
Unit B Bryn Business Centre
Bryn Lane
LL13 9UT

Tel: 01978 661955

Place orders via our app or online here.

Order before 11am for lunchtime delivery.

Noodles@work will be serving the same great tasting and nutritious meals as we do in TryThaiNoodleBar, with the addition of new buffet style pre-prepared meals for your favourites and a special new daily dish to try.

Try Thai Noodles @ Work - Wrexham Industrial Estate

We have seating area for 24 people or you can take your meal with you in our takeaway pails. Delivery to Wrexham Industrial Estate Businesses in our new Electric delivery vehicle is available.

Try Thai Noodles @ Work Electric Van

Place orders via our app or online here, selecting your nearest location, before 11am for your lunch time delivery. More orders on a single journey means lower minimum orders and free delivery.

Don't want to cook at home? We are open in the evening so it's ideal for collecting your evening meal to take home or eat in as the mood takes you. Place your orders before or when leaving work or come and see what the daily special is. There is ample free parking next to Noodles@work.

Try Thai Noodle Bar

Why did we open here?

Our warehouse has been located on the Bryn Business Centre for over 3 years and the majority of our lunch time orders for delivery have been on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

When the adjoining café became available it made perfect sense to open as a second NoodleBar. There have been many hurdles to jump setting it up as we do not have a mains gas supply. We eventually found the solution with an induction wok cooker. Not being familiar or having a bench mark to follow meant we ordered the most powerful of the choices available. At 18KW per ring we think we have the most powerful wok cooker in the area. Certainly something to come and see in action!

We are still developing our kitchen with a view to assisting our Town NoodleBar in preparing ingredients so we improve the service there too.

Come and enjoy our food and see what we do!