About Us

We are a family business run by Gwyn and Jira Ingman, Jira being from Thailand. We first began trading in August 2008 as an Asian Food Shop in Wrexham after realizing how many people travelled to Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham for their supplies.
The local people already familiar with South East Asian food soon found us and we have made many friends from regular customers. We realized quickly from doing local food shows how sales increased of products people taste. At our premises at 20
Chester Street, we saw the potential to cook Asian food and have a café within the shop.
This quickly escalated into a Noodle Bar which is often more popular than the shop! The reason being is that its tasty healthy food that is cooked fresh to order in front of you.

We have the authentic ingredients readily available in the shop and authentic Thai chefs cooking the food as it's done in Thailand.
We have many regular customers who love the food and shop together with new people finding us all the time.

We are finding the idea of the Noodle Bar promoting the shop and vice versa, is a successful one; however, we now realize the benefits of more seating for the Noodle Bar.

To pre order Noodles for collection or book a local delivery call 01978 437888